Susanna's International Kindergarden GmbH

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Schönaustrasse 67, Basel
We are a bilingual daycare center offering a daily program in German and English. Our facilities are located in Kleinbasel near "Badischer Banhof " (train station). We offer a wide variety of services aimed at accommodating the childcare needs of families with children age three months to seven years (up to primary one). The center is made up of several groups each working with a specific age group in order to better meet the developmental and educational needs at each stage of early life. Each group has their own space made up of multiple rooms, in which we can create a welcoming, safe, and interactive space to display the children's work. The specialized groups are divided as follows: nursery, preschool, and the Kindergarten 1 and 2 levels. All groups incorporate the SIK motto of “creating a learning environment.” This philosophy is reflected in daily routines, themes, experiments and a curriculum providing an opportunity for children to take an active role in their own learning and development. Who makes up Susana's International Kindergarden The staff and children at SIK reflect the multicultural make up of Basel. Working with many of the large international companies located here, we offer a variety of services to meet the needs of our diverse clients and their families. In order to do so we go beyond daycare to provide baby sitting services, dance classes, and a sick child daycare where you can arrange for a child with a contagious illness to be at the day care. We respect the diverse cultural and religious needs of our clients, although we are not affiliated with any denomination, we do our best to accommodate the cultural and dietary needs of the children in our care. Our Vision and Our Mission Child development experts agree that early childhood is the basis for establishing abilities crucial for a lifetime. We advocate this view and because we understand the importance of the first years in a child’s life, each of our groups incorporates the same basic curriculum into their activities. Each topic is adjusted to the age and individual abilities of the groups. The universal learning objectives covered in a year at SIK include, but are not limited to; continuous development of language and social skills, fine and broad motor skills, nutrition and health, the environment including flora and fauna, creativity, and music. Along with exposing children to these topics we make it a priority to recognize each child as an individual and to foster his or her development according to their capabilities and interests. Regular monitoring of each child and portfolio updates help to set learning goals, inform new group leaders as children grow with SIK, and foster a team approach to learning with parents.

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