Niue High School (Mata Ki Luga)

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Alofi-Liku Rd, Alofi 00683, Niue, Alofi
Niue’s history falls into four defined periods: pre-Christianity, Christianity, the Colonial era and self government. The documentation of Niue’s history was primarily oral and passed down through the generations. It has only been since the period of New Zealand governance that a great deal of literature has been compiled on Niue’s history. Niue is believed to have been inhabited for over a thousand years. Oral tradition and legends speak of the first settlement by Huanaki and Fao, together with the Fire Gods from Fonuagalo, the Hidden Land. Some authorities believe that the island was settled during two principal migrations, one from Samoa and one from Tonga with a smaller migration from Pukapuka in the Cook Islands.

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