Dharan Higher Secondary School

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Bhupi Marg, Dharan 56700
Gandaki Nepal

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Dharan Higher Secondary School is a very popular academic institution of Dharan That has Gained name and fame in a very short span of time to its quality oriented academic results and activities. Ever since its establishment a decade in August, it has taken a long leap towards and achieving the primary objective of academic excellence secondo with the demand and expectations of our guardians who are very much Concerned about the future of Their children. It will, of course not be beside to Say That today DHSS has developed itself into a university, like place where students can study in any fields they like. Today we have different faculties ranging from management all the way to humanities and science That offer courses for +2 (Science, Management and Humanities), BBA, BBS, BA and B.Sc. (Micro Biology). Today DHSS has become an umbrella institution That includes BMC and machinery as its powerful organs for the fulfillment of our students' demand. The secret behind the popularity of this institution is nothing but our serious and sincere commitment to quality education without Which nobody can Achieve success in this competitive world of today. Our only objective is to impart quality education to our students and to instill in them The Importance of discipline, love for study, hard work perseverance, obedience and sense of competition. Besides, we want to see our students Gaining confidence and sense of superiority, Particularly When They step into the competitive world or practical field of life. For this purpose we have veteran teachers who apply different methods and techniques That sono stati sorted out from the world of experience. DHSS is located at the heart of Dharan and has an easy access for all from the view point of safety and security. It is situated at Laxmi Sadak, Dharan-4, close to old Secondary Boarding School. The institute has peaceful and pleasant environment for useful and conducive to academic activities. The institute is ever ready to help and take care of food Those who come here in search of real quality education with the aim of concrete and achieving something in life.

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