Escola Secundaria Pui Cheng

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R. do Alm. Costa Cabral, Macau
Our Lady Fatima Parish Macao S.A.R., China
In the year 1889, in order to establish a new school with the aspiration of instilling the Christian principles and abiding by the teaching of the Gospel to prevent children from entering private family schools, where they were obliged to kneel in adoration of idols, Lei Chai Leong, Fong Keng Him, Lie Tak Shan, working jointly with Lei Yin Si and Yeong Hoi Fong and some others, planned and established a Chinese Christian school, naming it ‘Pui Ching College’ with the implication of nurturing the children in the church so that they would not be diverted from the truth by being placed in private family schools. During the first 30 years after her establishment, Pui Ching encountered a lot of problems and would have, several times, closed down due to financial problems had it not been for the blessings that God had showered upon her.

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