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Sana'a - 50th Street, Sana'a
San'a Yemen

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Who are we?

The Yemeni Modern School was established in 1991 as a private institution that aims to provide a distinguished educational service.

The school at that time consisted of two sections, the Arabic section, which included all educational stages from the preparatory stage to the secondary stage, and the English section, which included grades from the first to the seventh of the basic stage. Now, the English section - as is the case in the Arabic section - includes all academic levels.

Since its establishment until the year 2003 AD, the school provided its educational services in rented buildings, one for the boys’ department and the other for the girls’ department. In the year 2003 AD, the school moved to its own building, which was designed from three separate departments: the boys’ department, the girls’ department, the primary stage department, and the location of the building was chosen. 

The new school is located in one of the best and quietest neighborhoods of the capital, Sana'a. The building was also designed according to the specifications that must be provided in educational institutions.


Building the student’s personality and developing it in all its psychological, social and academic dimensions to become a personality that derives its constants from the values ​​of Islam and the heritage of the Arab and Islamic nation, and a personality capable of positive communication and interaction with others at all local, regional and international level.


  • Convenient learning environment: Classrooms, library, studio,science and computer labs.
  • Outstanding teaching staff: Attracting faculty members with educational qualifications
  • Modern curriculum: Modern educational curricula in the Arabic and English section.

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