Masbla Idiomas

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Llinas, Palma 7014,
Illes Balears Spain
What are the options? mini-group courses (maximum 6 students) private lessons The mini-groups are made up on the basis of the learners' level of knowledge, age and objectives. Some people need to learn a language as quickly as possible. Others have to fit it in with other studies and activities. Their learning needs are different. In some cases we recommend private lessons to meet a student's special individual needs. See our complete current course list Click here for notes on Spanish Courses What are the lessons like? we learn by speaking and practising we learn the structures of the language in real contexts the teacher is always with us in class, guiding the learning process The students are not there to listen and take notes. They are talking from day one, using new words and structures which are introduced in situations similar to those we encounter in real life. We do not use automated methods: a language is to be used among people and must therefore be learned among people. We teach not only the mechanics of the language but how to communicate effectively even with a limited knowledge. It's not enough to jot down a word or grammatical rule. Our courses include practice and revision phases: through repetition the language gradually sinks in so that the students learn to rely less and less on the teacher's support.

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