Lviv National Academy of Arts

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38 Kubiyovycha Str., Lviv 79011,
L'viv Ukraine
The Lviv National Academy of Arts ( Ukr. Львівська національна академія мистецтв (ЛНАМ)) - Ukrainian university in Lviv educating specialists in the field of decorative arts, design, maintenance, culture, management and social and cultural activities. The idea of an art school in Lviv dates back to the early twentieth century, and teaching art artistic traditions is much longer. At first it was a school graphics and drawing, which was established in 1876 at the Museum of Decorative Arts, and in 1923 founded a school of painting Oleksy Nowakiwskiego . In 1944, Soviet authorities established the existence of the Academy of Fine Arts, whose rector was Wasyl Kryczewski . The group included, among others lecturers Ołena Kulczyćka , Osyp Kuryłas , Antin Manastyrski , Hryhorij Smolski . In 1946 the authorities decided to extend operating in Lviv artistic education, in the former Polish Republic lacked Ukrainian specialists in the field of applied art, decorators. Initially created departments artistic fabrics, artistic ceramics, sculptures and art in wood, sculpture and painting. The methodology of science is based on folk traditions and local art creation, and at the same time using the latest achievements of European art education and art. For subjects taught through the years added graphic design, advertising media art, monumental painting, metaloplastycznych arts, interior design, furniture design, new techniques of artistic fabrics and art glass. In 1994, former Lviv State Institute of Applied and Decorative Arts was transformed into the Lviv National Academy of Arts, since 2004 the university has the status of a national educational institution. List of faculties: - Faculty of design - Faculty of decorative and applied arts - Faculty of fine arts and restoration - Faculty of history and theory of arts - Sevastopol faculty

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