Institut Textile et Chimique de Lyon

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87 Chemin des Mouilles Ecully, Lyon 69134,
Rhone (69) France
Nowadays, ITECH is the European School of Paints, the World School of Leather (recruitment of post-graduate leather engineers from the biggest international firms as well as SMEs) and the School known and recognised for its applications in chemistry (paint, inks, adhesives and cosmetics) and textile techniques. Students have on many occasions been rewarded through competitions: Campus Création, prix UGEI, prix Rotay, prix CNRS (Colloque FGL)… and through the diversity which is characteristic of the school: teachers coming from academia and the industry, over 50% of pupils are women, over 30% with government loans per year. On top of its main 3 year engineering training, ITEC-Lyon proposes other ones for students coming from varying from 2nd to 6th year of University studies. ITECH Lyon develops its international presence and its exchanges with the rest of World (from the USA to China via Europe). If Education is the first vocation of ITECH-Lyon, its relations with industrials is one of its strong points. These translate through strong partnerships in the fields of research and development. ITECH-Lyon and its subsidiary, ITECH Entreprises, make use of their expertise and technical means to the benefit of companies through different sub-contracting forms. These services are carried out in the form of annual or multiannual research linked with the University, industrial studies, analysis’s, trials, advice, renting of material with personnel (permanent teacher-researchers) and professional vocational training. Students prepare a Masters in Research during their 3rd and final Year. This Masters entitled “Materials – Polymer Materials” is part of the ITECH training program and thus is an optional specific “research” module of this 3rd Year. The ITECH engineering degree has by right the Masters level grade. This allows students to pursue their studies with a a PhD without necessarily doing a Masters in Reasearch in another institute. ITECH is part of the Doctoral School of Polymers of Lyon and can welcome Masters of research students in its laboratories.

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