Benjamin Franklin International SchoolBarcelona

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Calle Martorill i Pea, Barcelona 8017,
Barcelona Spain
The year was 1985. A group of Barcelona parents, passionate about education, had come to realize that the school they wanted for their children did not yet exist, and so they put their thoughts together and the idea of founding a new school began to take shape. Having given great thought to their school’s name, they agreed on Benjamin Franklin, recognizing his enormous contributions to American education, his innovative ideas and inventions. Franklin was a man ahead of his time and considered by many to be “the wisest American”. He was a great statesman, diplomat, writer, philosopher, publicist, the first US ambassador to France and one of the most loved civil servants in the United States history. His was a legacy of prudence, common sense, and honesty – qualities everyone sought for the BFIS community.

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